As a member-owned electric distribution utility, we provide electrical power and related services to more than 5,000 consumers. Our service territory lies mainly within the northeast Iowa counties of Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, and Floyd. We also serve the communities of Aplington, Fairbank, Fredericksburg, and Readlyn.

The cooperative is governed by a board of directors elected from among the member-owners of Butler County REC. The board consists of nine co-op members serving three-year terms. In December, we publish a newsletter article announcing the Nominating Committee who will select members to run for the three director positions whose terms will expire. If you are interested in running for a position or want to recommend someone residing in any of the three districts seeking nominations, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee. Voting by members on the three director positions will take place at our annual meeting or by a mail-in balloting process.

Our mission

To improve quality of life for those whose lives we touch.

We will be the best in the eyes of our members, employees and industry by:

  • Delivering safe, reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy

  • Providing innovative solutions to member needs

  • Enhancing quality of life and viability in our communities

  • Creating a wide range of opportunities for our employees

One advantage of receiving electrical power from us is that you belong to a locally owned company directed by the people it serves. As a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, we operate under a set of core values and will accelerate achievement of the above purpose and mission through actively displaying and holding ourselves accountable for the following core values:

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • Innovation

  • Commitment to Community

  • Teamwork

2023 cooperative facts

  • Total miles of energized line -- 1,826

  • Average number of consumers -- 5,099

  • Number of consumers per mile of line -- 2.8

  • Number of substations -- 26

  • Total kilowatt hours sold -- 304,405,184  

  • Deferred patronage distribution -- $1,151,463.21

Office headquarters is in Allison, and our line crews operate out of a warehouse also located in Allison and a second warehouse in Horton. 

Contact us for an in-depth history of Butler County REC.

Board Officers 2023

2023 board officers: (left to right) Share Brandt, assistant secretary-treasurer; Duane Rieckenberg, president; Tim Schrage, secretary; Gary Poppe, vice president; Troy Feldman, treasurer 

2023 Board Members

  • Duane Rieckenberg, Ionia, president, representing the west half of Bremer County

  • Gary Poppe, Ionia, vice president, representing Chickasaw County

  • Tim Schrage, Allison, secretary, representing the northwest quarter of Butler County

  • Troy Feldman, Greene, treasurer, representing the northeast quarter of Butler County

  • Share Brandt, assistant secretary-treasurer, representing the southwest quarter of Butler County

  • Gerald Schmitt, Rockford, representing the west half of Floyd County

  • Steve Boevers, Readlyn, representing the east half of Bremer County

  • Allyn Harms, Clarksville, representing the southeast quarter of Butler County

  • Grant Greenzweig, Charles City, representing the east half of Floyd County

2024 Tentative Board Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, Feb. 28, day

  • Wednesday, March 27, day

  • Wednesday, April 24, night

  • Wednesday, May 29, night

  • Wednesday, June 26, night

  • Wednesday, July 31, night

  • Wednesday, Aug. 28, night

  • Wednesday, Sept. 25, night

  • Wednesday, Oct. 30, night

  • Tuesday, Nov. 26, night

  • Wednesday, Dec. 18, day