Patronage dividends - sometimes referred to as capital credits - represent margins credited to members of a cooperative based on their purchases from the cooperative.

Each year Butler County REC's board of directors reviews margins and may set aside excess funds. These margins - retained as patronage capital - will be used to help keep the electric co-op financially sound and the quality of service as high as possible. The funds will also be used to retire debt and build equity in the co-op's distribution system. This patronage allocation will be returned to members at a future date determined by the board of directors.

Patronage Allocation Update

June 2023 -- After reviewing the operating revenues for 2022, the board of directors at Butler County REC approved to set aside $2,881,060.60 in excess margins.

  • What’s the member's share of this allocation? The member's share of this margin – or patronage allocation – is listed in the box directly below the account name on their June electric bill.

  • When will members receive this money? Butler County REC is currently on a 19-year payback schedule, so this patronage allocation will likely be paid back in 2042.

  • How was the patronage allocation calculated? The amount a member earns in a given year is based upon the amount of electricity used. The sum of the member's bills for a year was multiplied by a percentage to determine the allocation.

  • Can a member use the allocation to pay their electric bill? No. Members may not receive this patronage allocation until 2042.

  • What if a member moves? If a member moves or no longer receives services from Butler County REC, the member and his or her heirs are still eligible to receive patronage. That's why it is important to keep address current with us so future patronage disbursements can be properly mailed. We rely on former co-op members to send us their new addresses for patronage disbursement mailings.

If members have questions about patronage allocation, please contact Butler County REC by phone at 319.267.2726 or 888.267.2726, or by email at

Patronage Refund Update

February 2024: Members receive dividends for remaining portion of 2005, the 2006 allocation, and a portion of 2007, in addition to a portion from Corn Belt Power Cooperative -- After reviewing the operating revenues for 2023, the board of directors at Butler County REC approved the return of margins for the remaining portion of 2005, the 2006 allocation, and a portion of 2007. A refund of patronage dividends that totalled $1,562,165.83 was returned to co-op members. 

Anyone who received electric service from Butler County REC in a portion of 2005, 2006, and a portion of 2007, and is a current member, should have received a bill credit in February 2024. Checks were mailed to former members with inactive accounts.

If you should have received a refund and did not received a check, please call our office in Allison at 319.267.2726 or 888.267.2726 or contact us by email at

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